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7 Tips on Planning a Bathroom Remodel

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bathroom-remodel-3Remodeling a bathroom is not going to be one of those parts of your life you look back on with great fondness and the desire to repeat. The results, however, are something else entirely. When done right, a remodeled bathroom can be such a glittery new addition to your home and may, however briefly, be so overcome with joy as to give serious consideration to remodeling other rooms in the house. This is especially true if you hire someone who know what they’re doing (such as http://www.bondi-plumber.com.au/) The key to reaching that state of blissful temporary amnesia can be summed up in two words: planning ahead.


Planning ahead for a bathroom remodeling job starts with assessment from someone with the proper credentials. Assessment means close scrutiny of everything that can possibly be one to make the bathroom better when the construction is over. So, in addition to splurging on a jacuzzi tub or putting in a sink manufactured in the 21st century, also how to reduce a noisy bathroom, increase privacy and take the most advantage of limited storage space.


Remodeling a bathroom is a pretty intense undertaking so one of the most efficient ways to plan ahead is to consider the impact on neighboring rooms. Does the bathroom share a wall with teenager’s bedroom? If so, you could benefit now by planning on opening up the bedroom and bathroom when your child inevitably leaves the nest. If the bathroom is connected to the master bedroom, consider adding French doors or even splurging on a two-way fireplace.


Did your initial assessment for remodeling a bathroom cause you to postpone the job? Go back and reassess costs after consulting a contractor about repositioning fixtures below to avoid cutting holes through the joists above. Rearranging your bathroom fixtures during remodeling to avoid vent pipes and soil stacks can significantly reduce the overall cost of construction.


Labor is not the only cost that can be significantly reduced when planning ahead for a bathroom remodeling project. If you seriously want to cut the overall price of renovating your bathroom by up to 50% (or more!) then avoid the big warehouse home furnishing stores and hit every yard sale, flea market, junk store, thrift shop and discount warehouse you an find. Put in the legwork and eventually you will find everything from fixtures to tile to lighting you love for well below what you would pay the big boys.


When hitting those yard sales, resist the temptation to pay 10 bucks for someone else’s old toilet. The one aspect of a bathroom remodel you definitely don’t want to skimp on too much is the toilet. Why? Because the lower the quality of this bathroom fixture, the bigger the headache down the road. Unless you enjoy the sound of a running toilet, plunging a clogged toilet, paying higher water bills and…um…walking in on the not-completely-flushed remains of the person who used the bathroom before you, you will want to sink whatever extra funds you have into a high quality model.


Most residential building codes will require a architects and contractors will recommend that your bathroom measure at least 15-by-15 feet if you want to install a jacuzzi tub as part of the remodeling plan. The point being that before you decide to live the dream, make sure you do due diligence on your architect and contractors. Home remodeling is rife with experienced scammers as well as completely honest newbies who simply may not be aware all rules and regulations when they promise to make your dreams come true.


The opportunity to remodel a bathroom affords the rare chance to completely transform the feeling of a an entire room. The really great thing about this opportunity is how easy and even affordable the transformation can be. Polished chrome, stainless steel and brushed nickel can instantly turn a bathroom with no distinct personality into an industrial wonderland. Likewise, replacing thirty-year-old wallpaper with paneling and installing wood cabinets provides a warm, old-fashioned atmosphere.

Remodeling a bathroom has the potential to be an incredibly stressful undertaking, but it doesn’t necessarily need to be. If you apply at least an equal amount of time planning for the renovation as you expect the job to actually take, the result can be one of such inspired creativity and efficient use that any stress will be quickly forgotten every time you open the door.

The Biggest Cause of Basement Flooding


If you own a home with a basement, you may have already experienced basement flooding. There are multiple reasons why a basement can flood and many of them can be prevented. Do you know if you are at risk for basement flooding? Learn what the biggest cause of basement flooding is and see if your home is in jeopardy of water damage.

Being at the lowest level of the house, the basement already has its disadvantages when it comes to the potential for flooding in Union City. Most basements are constructed either partly, or completely underground. This gives water leverage for migrating into the basement with gravity’s natural downward pull.

Instigators of basement flooding:

• Surface water sources
• Sewer issues or backup
• Storm related problems

Wet weather months:

Among these issues, they can all happen at any given time of year; however, wet weather months tend to be the biggest time of year and cause of more basement flooding incidents. The reason behind this is the obvious rain and storms that bring more water to an area where water already exists around the basement from sanitary pipes and sewage, underground water sources and water accumulating in downspouts and eaves.

Cracks and crevices around the foundation of the home, the roof, sump pumps and poorly sealed windows all leave your basement vulnerable for flooding. If your home already suffers from a poorly graded lot, drainage issues can quickly mount and lead to water accumulating where it shouldn’t be.

Problems you can fix to help prevent wet month basement flooding:

• Sanitation:

Your sanitation system and sewer system typically deteriorates as it ages. Reasons such as natural erosion of the land over time, trees and tree roots growing can penetrate the system and cause disruption and destruction of the sewage lines. Keeping up with your tree roots and filling in areas of your land that have eroded over time can help prevent the potential for sewage flooding.

• Foundation cracks and crevices:

Regular inspections for foundation cracks and crevices should be done. Repairing any cracks and crevices immediately prevents them from getting larger and out of control where it can become a more costly problem is key. Sealing cracks is especially crucial for the wet months where heavy rains or melting snow can easily seep into your basement.

• Caulk and seal windows:

An easy portal for water is through poorly sealed windows. Rainy and snowy seasons are the perfect time of year for the elements to find their way into your basement wherever there is invitation, such as around windows.

A yearly check of all your windows to re-caulk and seal them is an important step in preventing basement flooding. You can get a heavy-duty window sealant at any home improvement store.

• Roofs and eaves:

Keeping your roof in top condition means inspecting it for any damage due to weather, missing shingles and that the eaves are free of dirt and debris, fallen tree limbs or other obstructive elements.

Damaged and deteriorating roofs are a main source of water damage to your home. Roofs should be replaced approximately every 10 – 12 years and require regular maintenance in between in order to protect your home from water damage.

What Is Water Damage Extraction

 Identifying a water damage company

Water damage extraction is the process of restoring a place and items inside it to the state it was before the flood or water overflow took place. Flood or water overflow can be caused due to a number of reasons like bursting of a pipe, blockage in dish washer, heavy rainfall, leakage in roof top etc. Flooding in home can cause damage to your house flooring, walls, furniture and other valuables. The degree of damage depends upon the level of overflow. Excess of water inside the house can result in the immediate need of water extraction service. You can do water extraction service at your own or can call a water damage extraction service provider who specialises in providing this service to its clients. The first step is checking their company website.


Water extraction service provider specialises in meeting emergency needs of people. They reach the area of emergency with all the necessary equipment as soon as possible for immediate rescue. Professionals are experienced in providing restoration services at residence, commercial and industrial level. If the area of damage is large then you should call a water extraction team for disaster recovery solutions instead of dealing with it at your own. Water extraction specialists provide solutions depending upon the size and kind of the problem.

Water damage extraction experts dry out your property completely of water giving you back your property in pre loss state. There tools and equipment are designed technically to leave out no water or humidity. It is very important that you hire an experienced company that is capable of giving you dependable and proficient results. They should value the importance of time and should appear at the disaster spot well equipped as soon as they get a call from a person in emergency. Any delay will result in increase in time and cost of restoration process.


Any carelessness during the process of water extraction can result in heavy losses. Make sure that the water damage extraction companies also carries out process of dehumidification and disinfection at your place as they are very much necessary to prevent you from health issues. Disinfection prevents mold growth thus preventing you from its harmful effects. You should be very careful while dealing with electrical wires and switches as they can give you electric shocks due to presence of water. You should also try to protect your furniture items and other valuables by storing them in a safe place.



Making Repairs To A Flooded Home

Fixing A Flood

If your home has recently suffered water damage due to flood, you must be feeling quite concerned about the amount of damage that your home has suffered. In general, the extraction of water is not the real solution, but the beginning of a solution. Hence, it becomes quite essential for you to make sure that you are making repairs in the house as soon as possible so that the home gets dried up faster and comes back to its normal condition. Water damage is never 100% reversible, especially in the case of a flood. However, you can definitely make sure that the damage is repaired to as much extent as possible. Apart from repainting your home and doing other such activities, there is still a lot that needs to be done for your house. We shall first be looking upon some of the most important issues that can be faced by a flooded home and try to mitigate them so that you get a strong base to work upon.

  • Mold and mildew

Whenever a flood strikes, the most common problem that is faced by people is that of mold and mildew. In most of the cases, mold and mildew in a flood damaged home becomes quite a huge issue and its extent is also very large. This is because you cannot return to a flood damaged home immediately. It takes a lot of time for doing this. The mold and mildew colonies need just a couple of days and a moisture rich space to grow and by the time you return to your home, your home will have already be taken over by the mold and mildew growing there. The good news is that most of the mold is non-toxic in nature. However, it can be quite possible that you find black toxic mold in the house because of the dirty water.

In such a condition, you should be calling professionals for help. They will be making sure that your home is completely free of mold. The mold testing and removal must be done before you enter the home to perform any other task. If it is not possible for you to call the professionals right away, then you should definitely be using 1 pat bleach mixed in 8 parts of water or concentrated vinegar to scrub away the mold and mildew from your house. A mixture of baking soda and vinegar will also work well for you.

Saving Important Documents After Water Damage

water damaged booksWhile replacements for many household properties can be obtained at a cost, high priority is regularly taken by salvaging files after water damage due to the frequently priceless and irreplaceable character of these things. Critical financial records, things of publications, genealogy, photos and other material are really difficult to replace and especially vulnerable to water inundation. Water damage restoration professionals who confront these situations typically have created these strategies that were workable for salvaging files after water damage and mold. You may want to find out more about this here http://dallasmitigation247.com/water-damage/.

— Atmosphere drying. It is the most typical, low tech way of drying a little volume of papers and publications which could be dampened but perhaps not completely saturated. Fans are used to circulate air over materials that were moist. Things must be separately laid out for atmosphere exposure. Pages of publications may be interleaved with waxed paper to avoid sticking and face up and dried photographs must be separated.

— Dehumidification. In this system, commercial grade dehumidifiers are triggered-site to decrease indoor humidity to exceptionally low amounts that promote rapidly drying. Indoor temperature can also be controlled to adapt the variety of substances being dried in addition to the extent.

— lyophilization. Quick activity is essential to begin the procedure that is drying before mold development forever damages paper. The freeze-drying procedure may take weeks if not months to reach.

— Vacuum thermal. The introduction of warmth dries papers and publications that have endured saturation. While really wet materials are successfully salvaged by the system, bound substance distorts and typically swells in the procedure. Rebinding after drying of publications is not generally unnecessary.

Why Should You Hire a Flood Damage Restoration Firm?

7X11 - Flood Damage RestorationCleaning up flood damage is much more than simply letting things dry and wiping ceaselessly the buildup. Surge damage can result in genuine and durable issues if the effected things are not legitimately cleaned. In the event that your home has experienced water damage flooding, spilling channels or different reasons, you require the administrations of an expert flood damages restorer to make the house are sheltered. Here is a glance at a few of ways that calling flood damage restoration administration can profit you after the home endures water damage.

Quick Service

Flood damage restoration administration will have the capacity to react to your solicitation rapidly. In the occasion of water damage, quick reaction is basic as water damage can get more regrettable in a short measure of time as dampness drenches into the carpets, dividers and different structures of home. Will you get quick reaction, as well as an expert restoration administration will have the supplies and experience to accomplish your venture appropriately and rapidly. This implies that when you procure an expert water damage restoration administration, you will have the capacity to get go into your home all the more rapidly.

Master Advice

It could be troublesome to figure out if your wet rug, dry divider, apparatuses or furniture is demolished or might be cleaned. Then again, an expert water damage restoration expert will have the capacity to investigate your belonging and furnish you with a master notion on whether these things might be made ok for utilization or ought to basically be discarded.

Mold Remediation

One of the biggest issues with flood damage is the improvement of mold. After a surge, mold can develop in evident territories such on roofs or in shrouded regions, for example, between dividers and in the floor joists. Numerous sorts of mold are lethal, making water restoration work unsafe for the DIY. Notwithstanding being hazardous to clean, shape can make home perilous to live in. Notwithstanding, by employing an expert water damage restoration organization, you might be sure to get mold securely expelled and your home ensured from future mold development.

Protection Claims

Flood damage restoration administrations have many years of experience managing protection structures and strategies. This implies that a restoration expert can help you out to archive your misfortunes to support you in getting reasonable settlement from the insurance agency. A restoration organization can likewise help you to give confirmation of damages to the insurance agency in event of a question.

Choosing a Flood Damage Restoration Service Provider

7X11 - Flood DamageExperts agree that the damages might be definitely reduced if the water damage restoration administrations start instantly. But with such a large number of flood restoration service suppliers out there, how would you know which is the best one for you?

Below are a few tips for picking the right proficient flood restoration service.

1. Pick water restoration service which is authorized and guaranteed. A trustworthy water restoration company will utilize experts who are affirmed.

2. Pick flood damage restoration service that can give nearby referrals. The word of mouth technique still is the most dependable promoting strategy. In the event that your neighbors and companions have been fulfilled by the occupation water damage restoration administration has accomplished for them, there’s finer risk that you’ll be fulfilled by their act also.

3. Pick water damages restoration service which will react instantly when catastrophe strikes. The way to effective water remediation is quick reaction. Indeed a hour’s deferral can build surge related obliteration exponentially. Just manage experts who can touch base at your premises rapidly.

4. Pick a flood damage restoration organization that give you an agreement that frameworks the work which will be carried out and the costs that is charged for work before any other work is begun. Verify you know the organization’s estimating structure before you begin working with them. Some water remediation organizations charge by hour for their administrations, while others charge level expense. Regularly, in the process of surge damage repairs, experts will find new work that requires to be carried out. In any case experts will dependably get a close down from home or entrepreneur before they start that work.

5. Pick water damage repair services that has experience in working with insurance agencies and knows exactly how to speed up cases preparing.

6. Continuously work with an organization that uses the most recent state of the craft supplies for water extraction, dehumidification and drying forms. This will minimize time they use on cleaning your home, and guarantee that it is carried out legitimately so you are not gone up against with extra expenses for mold remediation in the line.

7. Pick flood damage restoration firm whose expert group treats you, your house and its substance with deference. At the point when a surge crisis strikes, you’re at your generally helpless. You would prefer not to be encompassed by any individual who may exploit that actuality.