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bathroom-remodel-3Remodeling a bathroom is not going to be one of those parts of your life you look back on with great fondness and the desire to repeat. The results, however, are something else entirely. When done right, a remodeled bathroom can be such a glittery new addition to your home and may, however briefly, be so overcome with joy as to give serious consideration to remodeling other rooms in the house. This is especially true if you hire someone who know what they’re doing (such as The key to reaching that state of blissful temporary amnesia can be summed up in two words: planning ahead.


Planning ahead for a bathroom remodeling job starts with assessment from someone with the proper credentials. Assessment means close scrutiny of everything that can possibly be one to make the bathroom better when the construction is over. So, in addition to splurging on a jacuzzi tub or putting in a sink manufactured in the 21st century, also how to reduce a noisy bathroom, increase privacy and take the most advantage of limited storage space.


Remodeling a bathroom is a pretty intense undertaking so one of the most efficient ways to plan ahead is to consider the impact on neighboring rooms. Does the bathroom share a wall with teenager’s bedroom? If so, you could benefit now by planning on opening up the bedroom and bathroom when your child inevitably leaves the nest. If the bathroom is connected to the master bedroom, consider adding French doors or even splurging on a two-way fireplace.


Did your initial assessment for remodeling a bathroom cause you to postpone the job? Go back and reassess costs after consulting a contractor about repositioning fixtures below to avoid cutting holes through the joists above. Rearranging your bathroom fixtures during remodeling to avoid vent pipes and soil stacks can significantly reduce the overall cost of construction.


Labor is not the only cost that can be significantly reduced when planning ahead for a bathroom remodeling project. If you seriously want to cut the overall price of renovating your bathroom by up to 50% (or more!) then avoid the big warehouse home furnishing stores and hit every yard sale, flea market, junk store, thrift shop and discount warehouse you an find. Put in the legwork and eventually you will find everything from fixtures to tile to lighting you love for well below what you would pay the big boys.


When hitting those yard sales, resist the temptation to pay 10 bucks for someone else’s old toilet. The one aspect of a bathroom remodel you definitely don’t want to skimp on too much is the toilet. Why? Because the lower the quality of this bathroom fixture, the bigger the headache down the road. Unless you enjoy the sound of a running toilet, plunging a clogged toilet, paying higher water bills and…um…walking in on the not-completely-flushed remains of the person who used the bathroom before you, you will want to sink whatever extra funds you have into a high quality model.


Most residential building codes will require a architects and contractors will recommend that your bathroom measure at least 15-by-15 feet if you want to install a jacuzzi tub as part of the remodeling plan. The point being that before you decide to live the dream, make sure you do due diligence on your architect and contractors. Home remodeling is rife with experienced scammers as well as completely honest newbies who simply may not be aware all rules and regulations when they promise to make your dreams come true.


The opportunity to remodel a bathroom affords the rare chance to completely transform the feeling of a an entire room. The really great thing about this opportunity is how easy and even affordable the transformation can be. Polished chrome, stainless steel and brushed nickel can instantly turn a bathroom with no distinct personality into an industrial wonderland. Likewise, replacing thirty-year-old wallpaper with paneling and installing wood cabinets provides a warm, old-fashioned atmosphere.

Remodeling a bathroom has the potential to be an incredibly stressful undertaking, but it doesn’t necessarily need to be. If you apply at least an equal amount of time planning for the renovation as you expect the job to actually take, the result can be one of such inspired creativity and efficient use that any stress will be quickly forgotten every time you open the door.