Fixing A Flood

If your home has recently suffered water damage due to flood, you must be feeling quite concerned about the amount of damage that your home has suffered. In general, the extraction of water is not the real solution, but the beginning of a solution. Hence, it becomes quite essential for you to make sure that you are making repairs in the house as soon as possible so that the home gets dried up faster and comes back to its normal condition. Water damage is never 100% reversible, especially in the case of a flood. However, you can definitely make sure that the damage is repaired to as much extent as possible. Apart from repainting your home and doing other such activities, there is still a lot that needs to be done for your house. We shall first be looking upon some of the most important issues that can be faced by a flooded home and try to mitigate them so that you get a strong base to work upon.

  • Mold and mildew

Whenever a flood strikes, the most common problem that is faced by people is that of mold and mildew. In most of the cases, mold and mildew in a flood damaged home becomes quite a huge issue and its extent is also very large. This is because you cannot return to a flood damaged home immediately. It takes a lot of time for doing this. The mold and mildew colonies need just a couple of days and a moisture rich space to grow and by the time you return to your home, your home will have already be taken over by the mold and mildew growing there. The good news is that most of the mold is non-toxic in nature. However, it can be quite possible that you find black toxic mold in the house because of the dirty water.

In such a condition, you should be calling professionals for help. They will be making sure that your home is completely free of mold. The mold testing and removal must be done before you enter the home to perform any other task. If it is not possible for you to call the professionals right away, then you should definitely be using 1 pat bleach mixed in 8 parts of water or concentrated vinegar to scrub away the mold and mildew from your house. A mixture of baking soda and vinegar will also work well for you.